It’s my passion to help women create balance between life’s everyday obligations and spiritual connection as well as trust. The Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring work is a wonderful way to develop your trust in the Divine, which promotes an inner knowing, connecting you to your life’s plan and then allowing it to unfold.

The sessions involve connecting with a Universal loving energy through meditation, reflection and guidance. My role is to facilitate this process, allowing you to build your trust within yourself and the Divine so that you can experience healing, transformation and actively manifest your desires for you within this lifetime.

I believe connecting with your soul is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do, and I’d really love the opportunity to facilitate a session with you. Please email me if you have any further questions.

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ is a unique modality that has been channelled through the renowned spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild. Using a combination of oracle cards, healing meditations and guided processes each session focuses on a particular Angel, Ascended Master or Goddess who watches over and guides your healing session. Like a ‘choose your own adventure’ we won’t know until your session begins who our divine guide will be!

As we open to the loving energy of your divine guide for the session, we create a sacred healing field allowing you to connect more deeply with your own beautiful soul, explore your unique life purpose and understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences.

What is Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™?

Is this for you?

Everyone! A Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ session can be performed for an individual or a group.

Who is Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ For?

Why you need it

This is a particularly beautiful modality for individuals who are at a crossroads in their life and are looking for a sign from the Universe and helpful guidance to take the next steps on their life journey. It can support those that are feeling deeply challenged and those that are simply curious about what the Universe wants them to know. If you would like to shift a particular issue or situation in your life then this modality can assist you. You are warmly invited to open your heart to the beautiful energy that Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ offers.

Tune in to divinely guided answers to help you move forward on your life path
Attract positive energy and more blessings into your life
Heal your soul and discover your beautiful true inner self
Grow in wisdom and happiness, even through challenging times
Open your heart and mind to our loving, powerful Universe supporting you on all levels

SGSM™ is designed
to help you:

I'm ready!

Reconnecting you with your soul brings depth, meaning and greater fulfilment to your life. In your session we will work with beautiful angels, loving ascended masters or sacred feminine goddesses as our spirit guides. We will use their unconditionally loving divine energy and wisdom to create a sacred space for your healing and growth. You will also receive the healing energies of the crystal that is connected to your spirit guide for the session. These energies combine to create a beautiful healing experience. You can come to a session to work on any issue you wish, including spiritual or everyday matters, long term problems or even just because you feel you want to have a session, but don’t know exactly why.

The SGSM sessions can be undertaken with you at a mutually convenient time via Skype or Zoom or I can perform the healing in ‘distant mode’ with your permission and then send you a recording of the session for you to work through at your leisure.

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Every SESSION is conducted in confidence, and with love & respect.

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