Discovery Session 

For those who are curious about SGSM™, but are not quite ready to commit to a full session.

A 25 minute SGSM™ discovery session for just $9.99 (AUD)

This is a pre-recorded session which includes one component of a SGSM session that you can listen to right now.  Other aspects that comprise of a full SGSM session include: creating sacred space, invocations, reflective discussion on message received and a further expansive healing.

You find yourself moving bravely forward towards your passions, dreams and desires BUT do any of these things sound familiar that may be standing in your way? What you desire is personalised soul guidance to connect with one’s true self.

You want to shine in your true maginificence and live a genuinely authentic life so that your decisions, thoughts, emotions and behaviour are congruent to who you actually are. 

I feel overwhelmed and fearful in some of my worries

Things aren’t going the way I want and I do not know why

I am doubting myself and unsure of what decisions to make

I feel disconnected and a sense of hopelessness

I find it hard to be my true authentic self

A 30 minute discovery session for just $9.99 (AUD)

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