Tarot Readings

Life doesn't always go to plan. Each obstacle can be seen as an opportunity to grow and evolve however sometimes we can find ourselves in difficult, challenging and stressful situations, wondering how we got there and how best to get through. Mostly you will handle these difficult times, but occasionally, unexpected things come along and knock you. Or perhaps you feel stuck, blocked and confused. Other times you might sense what to do and what direction to take, but just need clarification and confirmation. Or maybe you have a burning question to answer. 

For when you need

Perspective, Clarity, Inspiration & Hope

What’s important to me, is to give you an uplifting, meaningful and positive experience. To do my best for you, I need to be working with my innate gifts, expertise and within my areas of specialism

Areas of expertise

Personal development, self-knowledge & growth

Healing (i.e - grief, loss of relationship, past hurts)

Awareness and clarity relating to blocks, patterns of behaviour or what is hidden that prohibits one’s growth, inner
confidence or reaching one’s desires

Insights into connecting to your intuition and Higher Self

Awakening to what is in your Heart and Soul

Answering your Calling – bringing your light and
wisdom out into the world

Turning your Passion into a Business

I use the Tarot to focus on bringing balance and alignment to body, mind and spirit through promoting clients to explore and process past and present concerns in order to heal. My strengths relate to seeing connections, between different symptoms, experiences, beliefs, patterns – be it thoughts or behaviours and how these manifest in one’s life. These are then reviewed and clarified in order to promote a future that is free from repeating patterns as well as a new sense of self-awareness.

When I focus on these areas and use my strengths, you get the best version of me. If you’re considering a reading with me, please check the list, to ensure I'm the right reader for you. If you’d like to double-check with me, please use the contact form on this website.

To make the reading as relevant as possible, tell me about the specific areas you would like me to focus upon; the challenges and dilemmas you face; questions you have, etc. I will be able to tune in and share with you the energies and themes around your current situation and the possibilities for the future. I can also highlight anything that could help or what may be hindering your progress.

"When I focus on these areas & use my strengths, you get the best version of me"

Please remember, I'm not a fortune teller. Why do I say this? Because your future is not set. If you do inner healing work and make changes to your thoughts, energy and emotions, your opportunities will also shift and alter to reflect the changes. You are the master creator of your life; you are the captain of your destiny and you are always able to change yourself, your life and your path. Subsequently I do not focus on ‘when’ or ‘will’ type questions as these usually involve timing and a yes/no focus. Please ensure you review my Ethics page for more information.
For the Readings I use divination cards (tarot, etc.), intuition, clairsentience and claircognizance as well as knowledge pertaining to Astrology and Numerology. If you would like Astrology and Numerology aspects as part of your Reading then you will be required to provide me with your full name at birth, date, time and place of birth (including city, country etc). Also I bring to each Reading my extensive background as a Social Worker and Psychologist, however I am not providing psychological therapy.

Every Reading is conducted in confidence,
and with love & respect.


The Audio Reading format allows you to download the file onto any device for your convenience. Also included, are images for each card spread I complete for you. 

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With the written format the document will be available for you to download to read at your convenience with the images of each card spread.

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You will receive a link which will take you to Private You Tube video for you to view where you will see and hear the reading as it progresses.


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