Intuitive messenger, sacred mentor and healer who champions others along their life's passage. 

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I'm Melanie

I consider every woman to be a soulful woman who is on a journey + my role is to assist women, to not only honour the masculine within them so that clear decisions can be made + action taken, but to also reconnect or strengthen their divine feminine self by listening to one’s own inner voice, to trust in the flow of life, regain awareness of the infinite source of abundance available and be open to one consciousness that unites us all.

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I really appreciated the time you took with the reading. It was evident that you care about the people you are providing readings for. I really appreciated your positivity and truly feel that you were able to establish a connection with me.

Alicia - Tarot Reading Review

Mel was fantastic and right on point. She understood my feelings and situation intuitively, my reading was unbelievably helpful relating to the fears I hold concerning this new phase of my life, the unknown elements and the emotional aspects. Mel helped me back into my heart with a clear compass. It has reaffirmed my belief that my soul’s path is correct - thank you so much Mel, I feel like you have really understood me.

Michelle - Tarot Reading Review

I would definitely rate this five stars as I think you were not only accurate but gave me useful advice and insight. I appreciate the thorough explanation and images of the cards. Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me!

Cassie - Tarot Reading Review



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