Honouring one’s Soul for true alignment

Going beyond the conscious mind allows us to connect with Universal wisdom to gain true clarity, a
sense of direction, peace and love.

Imagine taking the time to step away from your day to day life to immerse yourself in a reflective practice to promote a sense of true harmony with who you are and where you are headed along your life’s journey.

You find yourself moving bravely forward towards your passions, dreams and desires BUT do any of these things sound familiar that may be standing in your way? What you desire is personalised soul guidance to connect with one’s true self.

You want to shine in your true maginificence and live a genuinely authentic life so that your decisions, thoughts, emotions and behaviour are congruent to who you actually are. 

I feel overwhelmed and fearful in some of my worries

Things aren’t going the way I want and I do not know why

I am doubting myself and unsure of what decisions to make

I feel disconnected and a sense of hopelessness

I find it hard to be my true authentic self

"The Soul Guidance Session showed me in my heart of hearts that we are supported and abundance can be had in all areas of our life."

For those who want to deep dive into a reflective practice to receive guidance from Universal wisdom to help you move forward on your life path whilst feeling aligned with one’s true self.

The SGSM™ Deep Dive

Monthly 1-1 Soul Guidance session for 90 minutes – involving creating sacred space, receiving a specific message and healing based on different templates.

A specialised meditation based on information received from each Soul Guidance session for
you to listen to after the session.

Reflection questions to assist you on your path after each Soul Guidance session.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedy to take based on each Soul Guidance session.

The Deep Dive program assists you to develop a reflective practice as a form of self-care so that space is created for you to connect and honour your Soul self so that you can re-align to your true self and sense of direction, purpose and fulfilment.

Ready to connect with your Soul and Universal wisdom?

I'm So ready!