Are you someone who:

is highly self critical?

Worries about a lot of things and often feels anxious?

Is concerned about how others perceive you?

constantly compares onself to others?

prioritises others needs before your own?

feels constantly overwhelmed and stressed?

If you resonate with any of the above, then I invite you to embark on a six session journey to open your heart and connect with your compassionate self. This program will teach you the skills necessary to find ways to work with the above challenges which includes exercises that derive from psychology to enhance your compassionate self and deepen your awareness of your inner dialogue and behavioural patterns.

"The Conscious Compassion course provided me with a wealth of practical and easy to understand information to help unpack the importance of developing self compassion. Melanie facilitated this small group online course with genuine kindness, enthusiasm and professionalism."
- Linda G

Week 1 - Understanding the Evolution of our Brains

Explore how the brain has evolved in such a way that it has inbuilt glitches and how compassion can help to overcome them. Understand the meaning of neural loops and how can we manage them effectively.  Learn techniques to gain awareness and a sense of separateness from thought forms.

Week 2 - Exploration of our Emotions

Week 3 - Understanding How and Why Difficulties Arise

Learn about the three basic emotion systems and the different functions they serve. Explore how compassion can assist in gaining greater balance to our emotion system and begin to look at practices to promote peaceful states.

Understand the development and maintenance of your difficulties, based on the experiences we’ve had in life, and consider infusing compassion qualities to bring about changes to any difficulties we may be experiencing.

Week 4 - Exploring the Compassionate Self

Discover ways to develop your compassionate self, based on three pillars which form the core components of self-compassion. 

"Mel’s knowledge and expertise in the field of conscious compassion is truly amazing! Mel has a gift for making complex topics both relatable and practical for integrating into everyday life. There was no question she couldn’t answer and Mel’s kind heart made everyone feel at ease, making for a truly supportive group. Throughout the course Mel provided an abundance of resources, practices and beautiful guided meditations that l know l will return to time and time again, for a more fulfilling and happier life. "
- Courtney B

Week 5 - Developing the Skills of our Compassionate Mind

Week 6 - Bringing it all Together

Learn skills specifically in relation to your thinking mind and develop strategies to help guide your mind in proficient ways through life’s challenging times.

Review everything that has been discussed and integrated over the last 5 sessions. You’ll receive our master template outlining the process to weave everything together.  

Are you ready to bring more compassion to your life?


One time investment of $333.

Our next course begins in June.  Join our waitlist now.

Your commitment? Attend (or replay)  all online sessions, review information provided in the workbook and undertake exercises and reflections.

The sessions will also include experiential exercises to enhance your learning and integration. 

 I like the Zoom sessions to be as interactive as possible, so whilst there will be some information to be relayed each session I am open to questions as well as sharing experiences.  

If you have any questions about the course or if you would like to schedule a 15 minute Zoom chat to see if the course is the right fit for you please reach out and connect via my email which is:

It is my hope that upon completing the program you will:

Have an increased sense of self-compassion

Gain a greater sense of peace and no longer sweat the small stuff

Feel content within yourself and no longer look externally for validation

Feel in control of your life and ready to face any challenge with your new compassion based skill-set

Ready to infuse more conscious compassion in all
areas of your life?

yes please!